Friday, July 27, 2012

Zatokrev- “Goddamn Lights” | The Needle Drop

Zatokrev- “Goddamn Lights” | The Needle Drop

As always, I love The Needle Drop for its honesty, integrity, and personality.

There's this band called Zatokrev that's fucking heavy, and TND is streaming it on his page right now.

It's really speaking to me. The vocals get a little old, but that's just me. I really love the instrumentation.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Steve Albini is an artist I like and treasure and cherish

For a guy who was doing this in the 80s:

And is doing this today:

He's doing pretty well for himself! And for once I'm not being sarcastic. He's always been true to himself and his values, and to sticking it to the man, and to doing things his own way. We learn from his example that personality and style, when strong and solid and stuck to, are just as important qualities to have in an engineer as in a band member.

I just want to say that I love you Steve Albany and I'll have your babies and deep inside of me every day before 9 a.m.

'cherish the love we have, CABLES, we should cherish the life we have, CABLES, cherish the love, cherish the life, chericsh the love we haaaaave, CABLES'

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Metal Thru the Decades

Black metal is prevalent today because it's an answer to all other forms of metal that did not take the evil brutality far enough.

Metal, generally, is not supposed to be laced with flowers, but drugs and war. Black metal takes that and amplifies it to worlds exploding.

Since the sixties, metal has taken many forms, just like all genres of music.




The Beatles wrote Helter Skelter. Vanilla Fudge did some heavy covers. Jimi motherfuckin' Hendrix laid it down for all of you losers, Seattle's guitar king master samurai.


Black Sabbath, Mötorhead, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and the fukkin' British New Wave of Heavy Metal.


SPEED METAL BITCH: Slayer, Death, Metallica, Megadeth, Mercyful Fate, Exodus, Venom

Check out this cool list of cool metal albums of the Eighties, organized by year. Whether or not you agree with the guy, it's good as just a history lesson, and to maybe discover some metal gems forgotten by time.


The Great Metal Slowdown of the Nineties: speed metal went thru a mid-life crisis and quit heroin, Korn and and Nine Inch Nails were on the rise and doing lots of acid, and Marilyn Manson was the most metal thing around, all coked up and God-like insane.

Cannibal Corpse and Deicide were kicking ass. As always, there was a lot of underground metal that was really awesome during this time, but got swallowed by the popular drivel (Nü metal) that was mistaken for metal.

Grunge is not metal, but Soundgarden was the closest (SEATTLE 4 LYFE). Long live Kim Thayil.

Green Jellö. System of a Down. Stone Temple Pilots. Sunny Day Real Estate. Orgy.

Type O Negative--some of the Nineties' best work.

Earth (SEATTLE, FUCKERS) makes Earth 2 (1992) and no one notices.

Sugar Ray just wanted to fly. Sublime didn't have no Santaria. No Doubt was telling people not to speak. Everclear. Third Eye Blind. Three Doors Down. Our Lady Peace. Disturbed. Staind. Creed.  Skull fucking. Fucking I hated the Nineties, when I was going thru pu-pu-pu-pu-puberty and high school, some very defining years.

And holy crap enjoy this page for all it has to offer.


Britney Spears? Black metal starts to come out of its shell in the United States with the help of Leviathan and Xasthur, both one-man-acts out of San Fransisco.

Boris and Coffins bring some very varied metal from Japan.

Virus' The Black Flux blows everyone away with its new, weird take on metal. To me, it was a natural evolution from black metal.

Watain. Behemoth. Funeral Mist. Immortal. Bathory. Dark Funeral. Sunn O))). Burning Witch. Darkthrone. Ihsan.

Wolves in the Throne Room and Nachtmystium took black metal and made it psychedelic.

A good time for metal, going deep into the rabbit hole.
Mastodon. Lamb of God. Eh.



I don't know, we're only two years into this decade.


Justin Bieber makes us Beliebers.

Real Estate's Days (2011) is really awesome. Not metal, but for some reason I really love it, especially the opening track, "Easy." That one really speaks to me. It's a beautiful wash of sound, and it seems to me that this is exactly what shoegaze should sound like.

Spotify is showing me a lot about music in this decade.


Metal's been sounding better as recording technology has become cheaper and more accessible to the common musician. It's easier for those extremely noisy forms of metal to not sound like a warbling banshee tearing apart a kitten thru bad speakers.

Though, and black metal especially can benefit from this, sometimes the artist wants that lo-fi sound, to make it that much more brutal. Like, you're listening to it and you know it came from some poor, destitute fellow in his basement, summoning the dark arts and cutting himself at the same time.

Production value standards have been raised with this advent in technology. The more polished a metal band sounds, the better, and metal's becoming many things to many people.

† § †

The Tens were really awesome for black metal.

I'm really fucking happy about black metal's rise in the Tens. It was the next evilest thing to go to after every other genre of metal had its turn. We've gone from its birth in the Sixties, its toddlerhood in the Seventies, to its teenage years in the Eighties, and its awkward, annoying twenties in the Nineties, when all the adults were like, "Get away from me, you annoying twenty-year-old. Fuck off."

And then, in its thirties, during the Tens, metal started to get comfortable with itself. Metal began saying "Fuck you everyone." Metal in the Tens became really black, deathly and brutal, stayed out of the mainstream, and STAYED AWESOME, inspiring legions of metal fans who will one day take over the world.

Long live metal. And LONG LIVE SEATTLE. Metal is the Jarl of this Hold, I don't care how many shitty country and bluegrass bands there are around here.