Monday, August 13, 2012

Chelsea Wolfe, "Apokalypsis" album review

Chelsea Wolfe's Apokalypsis is totally rocking me right now. You should really give this a listen. Metal fans should like this music.

Right off the bat, she's got her own style. She's unique. Though this albums sounds similar to Low, Unwound, Portishead, Sonic Youth, and a touch of Tori Amos, it's darker than all of them. I hear Virus in her compositions as well.

I'm in love. The first two tracks had me. The album cover had me. This chick rules. She's got artistic credibility, an evil to her, a beauty.

She brings tears to my eyes. Her music tears at my soul. It's lovely and embraces darkness. She sings like a ghost, a phantom from beyond, haunting and knowing all. She comes from another place.

Chelsea must be an alien.