Monday, March 26, 2012

Boyfriend -- new song by Justin Bieber -- 4serious

UPDATE: 12.04.30 Even though this review is hecka outdated, I thought I'd give it a facelift. I've changed some of the text, so the old version is gone. FU journalistic integrity, it's gone. Beiber 4eva. One love. Vanilla Ice. Peace out don't speece out.

Holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit and I totally typed all those, not copy-pasted, cause I'm that excited.


Justin Bieber's hot new joint, "Boyfriend," dropped at midnight and maaaaaaan staaaaaaaaaan is it HOT!

Here's a link to the Rolling Stone review of the new Justin Bieber singlesong filmdeo, "Boyfriend." "Boyfriend" Boyfriend "Boyfriend" "b0yƒrˆ3n∂"

Wooow, great writing, Rolling Stone. Ya sure did deeply analyze the song, cite a few lyrics, and sum it up in a single, lengthy paragraph. Yup, sure did.


Why don't they break it up into grafs? They think we're gonna not read three short graphs, as opposed to one long one? Ugh. Give my eyes a break plz kthxbai

ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE (SEO) have doven headlong into Beiberworld Bieberland, just as all the kidz have, and they're in deep. Enveloped. His pubescent musk pervades their pubescent-sniffing o(ri)ffices.

lol & now, with a second opinion on Justin Beiber's single BOYFRIEND, I give you my firstborn.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012