Monday, September 26, 2011

ULoops, Born Without Blood update

So I've downloaded this program called ULoops for my Android smart phone. It's a digital music creation program. Basically you can take from all these instrument sounds and layer them and tell them when to play and what notes and there's lots of fun things you can do.

The full version is $10. Not an incredibly expensive thing. The free version I'm currently using has many limitations. One great aspect of the program is that it will publish your song as an mp3 and send it to your email. Fucking cool! And there are lots of options about how private you want it to be too. However, the free version only allows one publishing per every 6 hours. Lame.

My favorite thing to do is make drum lines. There are lots of drum sounds to choose from, even in the free version. It's beautiful. Another free version limitation--you can only make 6 loops per song! You can have them repeat in any order up to probably a million minutes, but you can't make a song with more than 6 different measures.

So I was thinking--hmm hmm I'm getting devious here--what if I made sections of my songs on ULoops,  uploaded them to SONAR, put them sequentially in order, and ... made a whole song out of many sections of songs? Oh man that would be so annoying.


Someone tell me what a good program to do that with is. I'm looking to get the best one out there. You know, make a tiny investment in a good thing, instead of paying less for a crappy thing. Is Fruity Loops still a thing these days?

Here's my band's YouTube page. Check it out. We're both starting school this week, for the first time in many years for both of us, so don't expect too many new updates. We're gonna go down to a once-a-week jamming schedule now, which is sad cause, as of the past couple months, we've been jamming almost every other day. We've written almost a whole album's worth of songs. It's really brutal!

Maybe since we're not playing and writing so much now, and we've been recording almost all of our jams every time we get together, we can put some more of that stuff up on YouTube and make a MySpace site and stuff...

So far we've got two Facebook, one Twitter page, and a Gmail account for our band. We've been making ads that are on The Stranger.

That's about it. Today we're gonna try to schlep it to the drum school and put up some flyers and see what's what with the place. Then I'm gonna go to UW's campus and try to figure out where my classes are going to be. Wednesday is the first day of classes.

Well, that's it.

Friday, September 9, 2011

God's Will

‎"My God's will becomes me. When he speaks, he speaks thru me. He has needs like I do. We both want to rape you."

"I got bitches in the livin room gettin in on and they ain't leavin till 6 in the mo'nin"

"Within lies the story of our decay"