Wednesday, May 18, 2016

White Lung: "Paradise" review

Paradise (May 2016, Domino), is White Lung's best-produced, and most ambitious record yet. Right off the bat, it's the classic White Lung sound we love, but with more variation, nuance, and with a bend slightly more toward the exploratory. I love it, I've been listening to it all day today. It's a brand new album, with a mostly brand new sound—White Lung has few contemporaries, thanks in large part to their guitarist Kenneth William. As I understand it, he wrote most of the material here, and worked really hard with the producer to give this album its sound. They had a mind to modernity, of which I'm always a big fan. The past sucked. We can do better, with music, with everything. White Lung personifies that future-facing mentality here on Paradise.