Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ghost: Unholy / Unplugged tour—pre-show jitters

Tonight, Ghost is playing a free show at Silver Platters in SODO in Seattle.

I ordered a vinyl and cd both of Meliora so that Megan and I could both have wristbands, and have one kid apiece to wrangle.

On the Ghost FB page, they said Papa and a few Ghouls have arrived in Seattle, and to come early! Eff yeah!

I took the kids to Trading Musician yesterday to get earplugs. They're set. It'll be their first legit show. We all love Ghost in this house, we're a Ghost family.

I wonder what the heck they're going to do with acoustic guitars? What's the keyboardist gonna do? Will they still be masked? Ooooooooooooo

We get signed lithographs, and "preferential treatment," according to the guy at the record store!