Monday, December 5, 2011

Zeni Geva on Soundcloud


Here's a Soundcloud page containing a live recording of Zeni Geva's "Alienation," from their 2010 cd Alive and Rising.

I've loved ZG since my friend Edweird introduced me to them when we played in Porkfist together, many years back. "Alienation" is the first track on ZG's 11th album, 1995's Freedom Bondage.

If you compare the live version of "Alienation" I linked to above with the album version, you'll notice different drumming styles. That's because ZG's brought on Ruins' drummer Tatsuya Yoshida in the last few years. The  dude can play drums like such a crazy, methodical motherfucker that he'll either confuse the fuck out of you or blow your mind straight outta the water. I like TY's drumming better than the album version's drummer's drumming.

Search for Ruins or Tatsuya Yoshida on YouTube if you want to see some freakyass, talented, and mathy percussion.

Search for Zeni Geva to rock. I recommend the albums Desire for Agony and Freedom Bondage.