Friday, April 10, 2015

Zev Deans is a brilliant music video director

Here, watch some Zev Deans videos while you read me talking about him

Once again, Zev Deans has created a metal music video that is at once simple yet complex, human yet monstrous, stunning, measured, unhurried, evil, and disturbing in that very Zev Deans-type of way.

I just love this guy. Okay, it's time for a blog post where I gush about Zev.

This is his newest work, a music video for Behemoth's "Messe Noir," released on YouTube just yesterday, April 9.

Deans' visual style is very pleasurable for me as a general viewer, and a lover of metal. Combined with Behemoth's monstrous-yet-accessible style, "Messe Noir" is endemic of the new, evil, delicious directions metal's been travelling these past few decades, with the help of bands as varied as Chelsea Wolfe, Portal, and Behemoth.

Here are Zev's videos for those artists. In my mind. this newest video is a meeting in the middle between Chelsea Wolfe's "Mer,"

and Portal's "Curtain."

"Curtain" and Portal are pure insanity, while Chelsea Wolfe and "Mer" are more restrained indie madness. Behemoth and "Messe Noir" are what you'd get if you mixed the two in a pot, right?

I've got to say, I don't really like Nergal's vocal style, but whatever. Deans picks artists who will let him go all out and get evil as fuck, and it's awesome. And did I just see he did something for Liturgy's amazing new album, "The Ark Work"?