Thursday, January 9, 2014

Behemoth - new video for "Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel"

I like when the song title comes into play at the end.

Behemoth's album "The Satanist," where BYTG comes from, will be released early February. It comes after frontman Nergal dealt with cancer in 2010 and 2011. He tried to have every sound on the album come out of him 'naturally.' Nothing fabricated. Though it's a pretty meaningless way of describing the abstract creative process within one person's brain, I gotta say, I think he did it.

I watched a few videos of him talking about himself and the album from Blabbermouth, via @BLABBERMOUTHNET. They're a great metal publication and their coverage is great.

But Nergal himself I have a few personal qualms with. In one video he's sitting in front of a shitload of new, awesome guitars he could never use to all their fullest potentials, and I thought, "Asshole." Didn't even watch the whole video. It was a big DON'T CARE AVOID GET AWAY moment for me. He also uses sexual analogies too much for my taste, talking about a "giant phallus" raping what he doesn't like about society. Pretty harsh, man. Can't we resolve our differences thru dialogue?

Our favorite artists can't always be the best speakers, can they?

Can men ever stop thinking about dick?

BYTG Video Critique: the problems in the world that Nergal has a big problem with have more to do with men than women, right? When have women ever started wars or enslaved people? If I were making the video, I would have changed the main character to a man.

The deflowering of women is old news. It's been done to death. The de-flowering of men, however, is fertile ground ... hahahah haaaa.

The director of this video did a wonderful job, I love the use of animals and humans. I love the myriad forms the woman takes by the end of it. I love the cleansing and dark-evolutionary aspect. Along with the music, the video makes an amazing statement.

It's heavy imagery, you know? The B&W-ness gives it that time-worn feeling. For a song Nergal says he wrote naturally, it's pretty complex, probably harkening back to his 'old' songwriting style more than he envisioned he would.

If Nergal could have learned all these lessons he said he learned before his life flashed before his eyes, maybe we'd already have some pretty progressive Behemoth albums to listen to. Behemoth's never been one of my favorite bands, but I really like BYTG as a song.

I don't know what the lyrics are saying, though, probably a bunch of shit about dicks busting through buildings like on Legend of the Overfiend.

Nergal's spirit animal