Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ghost is beginning to tease out new material from "Meliora"

May 29, Ghost posts this video on their website:

Ghost B.C.: "The Summoning"

Today, they release this new song, "Cirice," the first teaser track from their upcoming album "Meliora."

Ghost B.C.: Cirice

I'm so excited to hear this album! Meliora should, by all accounts, rule. I mean, judging from the classic golden-quality of their previous releases, always satisfying, always just the right amount of tasteful and gory.

"Cirice" sounds like a combination of If You Have Ghost and Infestissumam material, which makes sense. There's a cool extension of the measure length in there, making it mathy and prog-y.

I hope they can change their style on this one in further new ways, like they did with surf-rock with "Ghuleh/Zombie Queen." They should go full disco on one song, and full metal on another.

I hope they don't make a boring album. Ghost, don't be boring. Don't!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Watch the video for Froth's "Postcard Radio" and see the new stuff kids are doing these days

Here's a great new song from LA band Froth, with a fun video directed by Riley Blakeway (bottom of this entry). I found it thru Burger Records' YouTube page, "Burger Television / Burger TV."

Not everything on Burger Records rocks me hard, but sometimes I find real gems on there. I like to watch the episodes of BRGRTV, just to see what's going on in LA with the young kids. Burger Records are only getting bigger and bigger, and what they represent is beautiful.

"Postcard Radio" really stuck out to me. The first time I heard it, I was watching the video too. Absorbing the entire package at once was what needed to happen. It all works together beautifully.

"Postcard Radio" contains lots of styles, like shoegaze, garage, indie, and surf, but Froth takes it all in a modern, inventive direction.

I also like the lyric, "Had my foot in the door / trying to cut my toes off"

If you want to discover new music—what the kids are doing these days—check out Burger Records.

Noisey premiered this video back on April 1. The album is available now on Burger. So it's new, dude. This is the new stuff. Oldies, start listening to what the kids are doing. It'll do you good.

Don't just sit there like an idiot and say, "I don't understand this, I don't get it, it's not from my time as a youngster," because that makes you out of touch, and boring, and avoidable, and so sadly inevitable.

Here's a Stereogum premiere of another song, "Turn it Off," from Froth's new album, Bleak, which was released this month. This week, even. There are a few great lines in this write-up, like " ... explosive beach rock," and " ... a tight psychedelic sound that practically oozes California sunbeams through the speakers."

Very descriptive, on-point writing, Aaron Lindenberg!

Froth on Bandcamp
Froth on Facebook

On with the show.

Froth - 'Postcard Radio' from Riley Blakeway on Vimeo.
Froth - "Postcard Radio" from their forthcoming album, Bleak.

Director, Riley Blakeway
Cinematography, Riley Blakeway / Joo Joo Ashworth
Gaffer, Anthony Ferrara
Film and Telecine, Fotokem Los Angeles
Colorist, Christian Soleta
Featuring: Froth & Monica Cometa, Liv Marsico, Samira Winter, Sasami Ashworth,
Special thanks, CRAP Eyewear (
Shot on Kodak 16mm film