Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Seattle band: They Rise, We Die

Here's a new Seattle band I discovered: They Rise, We Die, with an album called, "The Oceans Will Be Our Death, For When."  Post-rock, post-metal. Instrumental mostly, and sometimes the shouting vocals come in. Pretty cool. Slow, brooding, emotional, dark, sensitive. Epic songs that slowly build and slowly recede.

They Rise, We Die will be playing tonight at The Funhouse.

Here's the Facebook event page.

I think their Spinal Tap-esque album cover is awesome. Just a bunch of black.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

VH1 Names Top 13 Cities for Metal, I Fill Seattle Gaps

Today a few of my more smarter friends were posting an article by VH1 on Facebook, and I was skeptical at first, but if you're a not-so-closeted metalhead like I am, you'll enjoy it. It reads like a 12-year-old tried to grasp blogging and music journalism, but it's okay. The article's heart's in the right place.

As I read, I quickly realized how many metal bands are out there with whom I still need to familiarize! So click this link, it's good:

These Are Our Picks For The 13 Most Metal Cities In America: Cast Your Vote For The Top Spot!

Dat wording, tho. Right? Oooo, cringe, copywriter. A certain cover art comes to mind ....

"'Cast your vote for the top spot'? Ooh ...."
Anyway, what are you gonna do? It's VH1. They're trying to rebrand, stay relevant, be more online. I haven't watched them in, I don't know, 20 years? But this article puts them back on the map for me.

As long as they keep exposing metal, and even better, micro-metal scenes within cities, I'm happy! How else is my band going to ever get exposure? But seriously, metal, in all its myriad forms, hasn't died yet. Which is good for my band.

The list is alphabetical, and I'm reading down, and I get to Seattle, and by god, Burning Witch made the list! Aaand so did more grunge than I'm comfortable culpable capable with on a metal list, but it instills pride for my city, which is good. I can stand behind it and go, Rah Rah Seattle! And those aren't cheerleader rah rahs, those are metal rah rahs.

The Highline also made the list! Good job, Dylan! My band's also played three shows there, they've been good to us, and to the entire Seattle metal scene!

Here's some Burning Witch for you pusswads.

Now here's some other Seattle metal that didn't make VH1's little list: