Monday, January 11, 2016

Saor's "The Awakening" is beautiful black metal

Love the choral vocals and the different directions the guitars go. When black metal bands use keyboards as well as Saor does on this track, it's lifted—from what would otherwise be a noisy distortionfest (did I just come up with a new festival name?)—to an ethereal, even divine presence.

Saor is a Scottish one-man act by Andy Marshall. This 10-minute opus named The Awakening, above, is from his 2014 album "Aura." He enlisted guest musicians, apparently. Here's a review the album from Metal Archives.

Monday, January 4, 2016

The Pat Down | Episode Five | Matt Ashworth of

Now Matt Ashworth has been my homie lately, ever since we met just outside his office at Porter Novelli downtown in Seattle. He's a standup guy, and his website strives to promote lesser-known bands, and avoids talking about the bigger acts.

Matt is the guest on episode five of The Pat Down with Patrick Galactic, a Mountain House Television (MHTV) production.