Sunday, February 22, 2015

Double Dragon 2 Soundtrack

So my 3yo wanted to listed to some "Double Dragon II" music, because, along with Zelda tunes, that game's music has been on her brain lately.

We looked around on Spotify, our usual source for video game music covers. And since we couldn't find the music to the first level, I was like, you know what, YouTube is probably gonna have what you want.

I found it. Here it is. 8-bit tunes in their original 8-bit glory.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

All you ever need to know about Social Distortion

I dislike Sublime pretty heavily, and Social D was never that great to me. When they started they were really important to punks, and punks helped keep them alive, so that's good, good on them punks. But then Mike Ness started to not be on like heroin all the time so they suck now

There, that's my unedited, rambling FB comment on a friend's post. Her original thought was that she had to come out as not liking The Ramones as if she were making a big reveal.

It's okay to dislike things! When people complain and react strongly to ask what the heck is wrong with you, that means they're not giving you the freedom to like whatever you want, freedom you deserve.

So hate away, naysayers! It's healthy to have strong opinions, and it's good practice to stick to them, to make the bar high for changing your mind on it. Because then, someone's going to have to come up with a really strong and convincing argument, challenging both them and yourself, increasing the marketplace of ideas for all mankind.

Cause like I said, Sublime sux.