Sunday, January 18, 2015

Summer Glau on Speakeasy with Paul F Tompkins

Summer Glau, whilst 8 months pregnant!

Isn't she beautiful, with that long shiny hair and the pregnant glow? Her personality is also not that far off from River too, so she just kind of makes prolonged eye contact with Paul. It's really great to see her talking about Firefly and her start in the acting community, learning to do TV.

This is January 5, 2015's episode of a Made Man Production, from the series "Speakeasy With Paul F. Tompkins."

Love you Paul, love you Summer. You both are so wonderful.

Summer was the name of my first crush, and I haven't heard from her since 5th grade.

Is there going to be a Mr. Show reunion or what? Is David Cross really doing some kinda crowdfunding thing?

Does Steve Albini still hate crowdfunding like when Amanda Palmer did it to make an album?

I bet Glau's training as a dancer was what made her slaying Reavers in "Serenity" so great.

And Paul, you look so good, your fucking SUIT? Dark purple, with the cufflinks? Uh. Love it.

She's a good listener. She probably doesn't to do so many interviews like this. Paul's so classy the way he does this. It's a real talk, unscripted. It's what I want to do. Something honest, raw, and pure, like Speakeasy. It's amazing.

It's more entertaining than most TV for me right now, this Speakeasy series. I really feel like I get to know the guests.

It's something the age of the internet has given us. This is a more beautiful corner of the internet.

I didn't realize ballet was so hard on the human body.

"I was doing it on the sly..."