Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Seattle Black Metal: A God or an Other

Here's an up and coming Seattle black metal band with a sweet new record, released yesterday, April 19 on Alive and Breathing Records.

A God or an Other recorded "Towers of Silence" as a three-piece and it's quite good. The album is streaming on their Bandcamp page.

They've got a definite psychedelic black metal thing going. It's brutal and it will take you out of your body, lifting your soul above the trees.

I think TOS is fucking awesome. Way to go, guys. This album rules. The band traverses all corners of the black metal universe, from the old and crusty to the new and spacey, to the French stylings of Deathspell Omega, and to the Cascadian rhythms of Wolves in the Throne Room. But they've got their own thing going on, that's unlike either of the above bands.

Everything's on point here. Producer John Lervold did his job well. The guitar, bass, drums, and vocals are mixed evenly so that you can hear everything. I like being able to hear bass in black metal, it's nice, because the guitars are always so gainy and crushing. The guitar's tone is tamed down a bit, just enough so that he's not too far out there in the land of treble and distortion. It's kind of like an organic distortion.

Well-played, instrumentalists. Good job on the vocals, guitarist.

Pvre cvlt.

Seattle black metal. Hail. Modern metal that does not suck.

Running favorite track: Unbroken Reign of Glacial Death. An other good moment is when Xibalba goes from lightning-fast and accurate black metal to crushing doom. Wykkyd.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Fuck you if you don't like this post with awesome videos and sweet advice from a seasoned studio tech

This guy has inspired the shit out of me. Here are two videos from Spectre Media Group and Spectre Sound Studios, entitled, "How to get your band ready for the studio."

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sunn O)))'s "Big Church" rearranged for orhcestra

This is a link to a Bandcamp page for one Joshua Carro. He's a classical musician and writer.

The song of his I'm linking you to is his rearrangement of one of my favorite Sunn O))) songs, "Big Church (megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért)."